Rv Living Room Ideas Make Road Trips Awesome 29
Rv Living Room Ideas Make Road Trips Awesome 29

32 Rv Living Room Ideas Make Road Trips Awesome

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Is the cold winter weather keeping you from enjoying a wonderful camping trip? Last year I camped in 20 degree weather and as much as I can say that I am a rugged camper and can “endure the elements”…I was freezing my tookas off.

There is only one solution: Bring it indoors!

Here is a great TIP on setting up a camping trip inside your apartment:

Move the living room furniture aside and set up your tent and camping chairs in the living room. If you have a really tall tent, you will definitely want to watch out for the ceiling fan. No need to worry about the tarps as with living room camping you will never have to deal with the rain. WOO HOO!

This sounds fun and all, but how do we get a campfire? Easy!!! Throw a Virtual Fireplace DVD on the TV to simulate the whole campfire experience. I would avoid any sort of grilling out though. Smores won’t cook well over the TV. If you want to look at the stars, you could even grab a Discovery Channel DVD on space and watch the stars in the comfort of your living… er… camping room.

If you want to smell the fresh air just crack open the patio door or a few windows. Put the heater on a comfortable temperature and, voila, your indoor camping experience is on full blast!

As a word of advice, I would avoid trying to hunt or fish in your apartment though. That would create quite the challenge. Good LUCK!

Turn off all your lights and break out the beef jerky… it’s time for some ghost stories!