Beautiful Dream Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home 46
Beautiful Dream Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home 46

55 Beautiful Dream Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

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We have all seen those TV adverts showing stunning bathrooms and it’s natural to imagine your own bathroom looking like that, but wait a moment. Take a closer look at the amount of space used in that bathroom display, in most cases it is larger than the average lounge. The thing to remember is that the company that made the advert have spent huge amounts of money on marketing their products and they are shown to the consumer in the best possible light. Don’t be tempted to jump in and order, do some research, you will probably find that you can buy the same, or similar components much cheaper. Get a quote for fitting and extras such as pipework, valves, tiling etc. In almost every case you can save money by doing it yourself, after all, those marketing costs have to come from somewhere and that somewhere is the final price to the customer.

In this series of articles I will attempt to help negotiate the pitfalls of having a new bathroom installed.

The first thing to do is measure the available space, do it twice and then measure again. This is the single most important step in planning your new bathroom. Once purchased you will find that bathroom retailers are extremely reluctant to have products returned to them for any other reason than that they are damaged, and most will impose hefty restocking charges. Decide what you would like to have in your bathroom, set out a plan on a piece of graph paper and insert each item by size in it, not forgetting to leave a reasonable amount of space between each item or your bathroom will be cramped and difficult to move about.

Pay attention to the type of floor, a wooden floor makes installing pipework much easier than a concrete floor. A free standing bath in the centre of the room may look stunning but getting the water supplies to it on a concrete floor involves extra work and therefore extra expense. Make sure that any cabinets will not block windows or be sited behind doors that could damage them when opened.

Buying your bathroom online will save you money but I always recommend that you take time to visit a bathroom showroom or plumbers merchants to view the products rather than buy them on the basis of an internet image that cannot depict the size, colour, or finish accurately.