Brilliant Summer Pouch Decoration Ideas For Your Frontyard 26
Brilliant Summer Pouch Decoration Ideas For Your Frontyard 26

53 Brilliant Summer Pouch Decoration Ideas For Your Frontyard

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Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written any articles but something happens to me in the middle of summer. Every year it happens about mid-July. There’s a wave of awareness that comes over me and somehow I begin to sense the coming of autumn. Not sure just what it is that takes hold of my heart but I just love Fall.

What I do want to write to you about is how to make the holidays a little more real and perhaps even personal. Due to the current economy and job losses, we all may need to become a little more creative in maintaining some of our holiday traditions. Perhaps some of us could begin some holiday traditions to make these hard times a little more personal and genuine to the hearts of the family members.

I want to present to you some ideas that may act as a catalyst to your imaginations. Thanksgiving meal is usually a time when the family and the extended family gather and give thanks for their blessings. So I suggest to PASS THE HAT!

Pass the Hat is where everyone present has their name put in a hat, box, pan or even a piece of Tupperware. During the meal the Hat (or whatever you use) will be passed around the table and each person, children included, will take a name. At that time the people whose names were chosen will have a caricature of themselves drawn by the one who chose their name then sometime before Christmas the artist can then make a Christmas card featuring the caricature of the person they drew. Put it in a homemade paper frame and then mail it to them. Family members will enjoy their cards and remember the wonderful Thanksgiving meal they had with the whole family.

There are lots more ideas and lots more inexpensive ways to make the holidays more personal and more genuine for each family member. A promise to pray each night for a person can be wrapped in some homemade wrapping paper made by the younger ones with stickers or stamps. When I was a single mom and my girls were small, I had made a little pouch from scrap material (a pair of jeans where the knees had completely exploded off during a summer baseball game and had to be cut off the legs to make shorts). Inside the little pouch I placed a bunch of smiles for them to redeem for treats.