Creative Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Ideas 51
Creative Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Ideas 51

51 Creative Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Most of us haven’t seen a chalkboard since grade school. And most of the old blackboards we grew up with have been replaced with white grease boards, which are lightweight and less expensive. But nothing offers the style and texture of writing with chalk on a board of stone. At least, not until now.

Chalkboard Contact Paper lets you put a chalkboard in any room of your home. It only costs a few dollars, applies easily, and is removed just as easily without damaging the wall. So what are you waiting for?

There is one room in the house where having a chalkboard is extremely convenient. The kitchen. In fact, once you apply some Chalkboard Contact Paper in your kitchen, you’ll never be able to live without it. The kitchen is where you keep the shopping list, where you jot down the groceries you need for the week. It’s also where you write notes for family members, track chores that need to be done, leave a reminder about an upcoming trip or just scribble a quick note letting everyone in the family know you appreciate them. Nothing is as useful or as fun as a chalkboard in the kitchen. But that isn’t the only place Chalkboard Contact Paper can be used.

Chalkboard Contact Paper is great for making labels. Simply cut out labels in the shape you want and apply to jars, drawers, cabinets, boxes – anything you want to label. The great thing about these labels is you can change them whenever you change the contents of the container without having to apply a whole new label. You just erase the word and write in a new one.

Anyone with young children has had that frightening moment when you see your toddler walk into the room carrying a marker or a pen. You are afraid to retrace their steps because you know they’ve been writing on the walls and furniture and anything else within reach. One way to put a stop to this is to designate an area where it is OK for them to draw. By applying Chalkboard Contact Paper to a tabletop you create that fun space where the kids can draw all they want without damaging the furniture or walls.