Modern Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration 07
Modern Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration 07

53 Modern Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration

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In the exploding vacation home rental market, many investors or second home owners are looking to cash in on the lucrative rates these properties can command especially compared to the unfurnished long-term rental market. A booking during Christmas alone can equal the amount brought in for an entire month for the same property unfurnished.

In some areas of the country, such as Palm Springs California, the abundance of mid-century constructed homes, typically between the early 1950’s and early 1960’s,is driving a stampede of investors to renovate and furnish these homes in the period and post the listings on websites such as HomeAway or Flipkey. Here are some tips from a homeowner who just went through the renovation and outfitting process of a mid-century home as we found what works well and what we would do differently for the next property.

The mid-century color scheme is largely soft muted tones. As that can become a bit dull, the mid-century modern design interpretation is often to incorporate an accent color that stands out such as burnt orange or a seafoam green. Our choice was burnt orange and we utilize it in some of the home finishes like the kitchen subway tile backsplash, the pool accent tile, and the front door as well as discretely incorporate it throughout the house’s furnishings to maintain a feeling of continuity. Complicate your color palette and you jar the flow of the home. This design style is about clean lines and harmony.

The biggest mistake I see in the pictures and descriptions of competing properties to ours is the owner’s furnishing choices turned the home into a museum and not into a desirable vacation rental. Utilizing period furnishing such as vintage Danish wood frame day bed sofas often elicits the reaction: “Mid-century ouch!” as in not particularly comfortable. Recognizing this stigma many owners elect to utilize a modern comfortable sofa with clean lines and compliment it with a vintage piece such as an Isamu Noguchi coffee table. We chose to furnish with a modern white leather modular sectional along with a low birch coffee table and a vintage Arc lamp. We had several bookings where the guest noted he chose our home for the perceived comfort level versus any of the other mid-century homes. One guest recognized the sectional as the same one she had in her home but just in a different color.