Creative DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Garden 50
Creative DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Garden 50

51 Creative DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Garden

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A bench for your garden need not be new to be worthy of a spot in your garden.

A settee that is well weather worn and has aged elegantly over many years will add as much enchantment to your outdoor region as a new one, more often, much more. Give your garden some panache by positioning a bench under an arbor, or latticework spilling with flowers, or place it below its own special arrangement, with scented flowers growing above.

You can construct a bench yourself from concrete blocks or boulders or use lavish materials such as cedar or oak. This of course will be more expensive it will also be more enduring and permanent.

You can stabilize your bench and create a nice focus by placing it against a wall or under a hanging basket. You could decide to choose to design it with a hidden storage compartment under the seat that will multiply storage space for garden implements and smaller containers, garden loam or seeds.

The rustic variety is also making a huge comeback. This can be accomplished easily by using half a rough hewn log, or some scavenged stone slabs from a dismantled cabin or structure. Arrange a bench under a favorite pine or willow, a super area to spend the hours on an idle Saturday reading or writing, and a quiet spot if you just feel like meditating.

If you choose to acquire bench, go for stability. In this type of seating the old adage that you get what you pay for is very true. If you can find it, opt in for solid stability, substantial wood or iron with brass or silica clasps.