Amazing DIY Closet Door Curtains Ideas 29
Amazing DIY Closet Door Curtains Ideas 29

41 Amazing DIY Closet Door Curtains Ideas

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It is really hard to drop out all your clothes and stuff inside your closet and reinvent again especially if you have spacious closet. You’re lucky if you have a spacious one because you can easily do the magic of transformation. A roomy closet can be easily modified because there is still room for changes. For those who have small closet, don’t be upset because you can still do the makeover with just a little of your imagination and some from these DIY clever ideas

If you already checked in hotels, you will picture out what I mean. Installing light inside your closet will give you a full view of what’s inside. Plus, it is very elegant to look at like you have your own celebrity closet.

Typical closets have brown, white, pink, beige and other neutral colors. Why don’t you go bold and choose different color? You can always use red, green, royal blue, orange and anything goes with your personality. Pimp up.

Stick wallpaper adhesive on the body of your closet. If you are not fond of painting, you can reinvent the color of your closet by covering it with wallpaper adhesive. This is not an easy chore because you have to take the exact measurement of your closet so you can cut the exact size of the wallpaper.