Totally Dream Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love 49
Totally Dream Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love 49

55 Totally Dream Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love

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The bedroom, more than any other room in a home, tends to reflect personal style. Perhaps this is because the bedroom is a sanctuary, a place of restoration and regeneration. Each night we lay down in our beds and what surrounds us is the last visual sight we have that day. When we wake up we feel the sheets and blankets, the pillow under our heads. As our toes reach for the ground, they are one of the first tactile senses we have. So how a bedroom is designed is critical for a good night’s sleep. Proper sleep leads to increased creativity and happiness.

Looking at each element of a room, one can start to design the perfect sanctuary for their home. Children should be given a say in how their room looks. What does it say about them? What are the elements that are important in their lives? Books? Drawing? Creating? Do they have a space where they can do that? As for adults, do you have a bedroom where when you walk in you instantly feel relaxed, at peace? Consider the following elements of a bedroom before you purchase your next home or consider a home remodel.

The bed is the most important element in a bedroom. It is the focal point of the room. How does your bed express you? Choosing the right material for the bed frame is the first step. Do you want wood, metal, freestanding, headboard or not? After that, the mattress will be critical as to whether or not you get a good night’s sleep. The sheets you choose – cotton, satin, bamboo or flannel are all going to change how you sleep. Having a pillow that isn’t too full for your neck will also help you relax. The pattern of the bedspread will draw the eye. Pillows can be accents.

What is the color scheme of the room? If you choose bright yellows or reds, these colors will excite the senses. Will you be able to sleep in a room that is exciting as opposed to relaxing? Soft blue and green tones are more calming to the senses and may help induce a better night’s sleep. Neutral colors are just that, neutral. An eggshell white or a cool grey will also be indicative of the mood and personality of the person sleeping there.